“Mentor Plus- Improving mentorship in EVS” PDF Տպել Էլ.փոստ

Training Course

20-24 February 2017 | Mollina, Málaga, Spain

This training invites active EVS mentors who feel the need of developing their competences and improving the quality of their mentorship. They will reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges in Mentoring and share experiences and practices.

The overall aim of this activity is to increase the quality of mentoring in EVS and to support active mentors, (newcomers that are already involved in an ongoing project as well as experienced mentors) to further develop competencies that are needed as a mentor within EVS.

This should be fostered through:

• increasing the knowledge about mentoring in EVS, basic knowledge in EVS in general and about the framework Programme Erasmus+: Youth in Action
• developing a common understanding of mentoring within EVS
• reflecting about roles, responsibilities, challenges and needs concerning mentorship in EVS
• sharing best practice and tools for supporting EVS volunteers

During the course the participants and trainers will reflect on the roles, responsibilities, needs and challenges of the EVS mentors, share experiences, and elaborate proposals to improve the quality of their mentorship, in the different aspects of their daily activity (giving personal support to volunteers, supporting them in the integration in the local community, providing them support for the their learning /Youthpass process, conflict prevention and management).

The educational approach of the training activity is based on non formal education methods and experiential learning as well as the contribution of participants and on active participation in all parts.


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