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Training Course

15-23 July 2016 | Yerevan, Armenia

The training course will bring together youth workers and youth leaders aiming to enhance their knowledge and understanding of hate speech’ elements, to empower them to develop creative methods to tackle hate speech among young people.

The training course ''Where does hate come from?'' will bring together 30 youth workers and youth leaders from different EU Members States (Sweden, Romania, France), Eastern Partnership countries (Georgia, Ukraine) and Turkey.

Participants from Armenia and countries other than mentioned in the call have already been selected by the partner organizations.

Following the migration crisis in Europe and influx of refugees in the European countries, an escalating wave of hate speech and increase in xenophobic attitude have become a dramatic reality for Europe. Young people, being less experienced, naive and more impulsive, tend to fall into the extreme movements and become supporters of right-wing political ideology. Moreover, the widespread expression of hatred on online platforms is of major concern of many officials, urging to counter racist and xenophobic posts. Hate speech online is a widespread phenomenon nowadays which promotes or justifies racial hatred, xenophobia, anti‐semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance.

The project aims to enhance their knowledge and understanding of hate speech’ elements, to empower them to develop creative methods to tackle hate speech among young people in their local environment. The objectives of the training course are as follows: 
- to explore the notion of hate speech and examine its main roots,
- to foster critical and creative thinking among youth workers,
- to inspire youth workers to find out innovative mechanisms and solutions in fighting hate speech, targeting strangers, immigrants and refugees, 
- to introduce the method of campaign as a tool to increase the awareness on hate speech against strangers, immigrants and refugees,
- to inspire young people for implementing their own ideas in local communities,
- to build solid partnership among youth workers and encourage the implementation of similar projects on European level.

The training course will be based on Non-formal education methodology. Different exercises, team-building activities, city rally, workshops, role-plays, daily evaluations, working groups, trips, NGO fair, field visit, campaign and other creative activities will be the integral part of this training course.

The participants will be responsible for organizing a campaign on a local level. For that they will need to transfer their knowledge to the members and volunteers of their organization, encourage them to stand for the cause and promote the results of the project locally. We expect the impact of the campaign to be visible by reaching different target groups and promoting tolerance among them.

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