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Training Course

25 July - 3 August 2016 | Creative Space, Hollókő, Hungary

See Beyond is a skill and self-development training course using the Synergy Method to improve yourself as a youth worker and as a young entrepreneur in order to realize how you create your own impact.

See Beyond is a 10-day-long training course. We invite people who are willing to act towards their goals, and dreams. 
The program is designed for youth workers, NGO leaders, trainers, young group leaders, young entrepreneurs, youngsters who are about to start their business.

It is for you if you are directly involved in a project activity or you have your own enterprise, business and if you would like to find yours answer for the following questions:

- What is my actual working style?
- How much I am able to work for my dream, where do I stop ?
- What do I forget, when I plan my business? 
- How do I function in a team , and alone ? 
- How can I motivate my team members?
- How can I include somebody? 
If you ever had one of these questions in your mind during your work, then this training is designed for you .


The secret of these training is in the “HOW”.

As a participant, you are going to have the chance to see things from a totally 
different perspective. To do actions , to act and share and act and share, in order to make a progress in your learning. 
The program is super intense, we work from the morning till the evening, in order to create the maximum opportunity to those who are willing to learn and create.
The build-up of the training is like sports training, every day we do a bit more, and we use the previous experiences as a common base to build upon them.

Through personal development, you are going to have a chance to improve your skills and gather knowledge in coaching and monitoring. We are going to take planning and project management tools, and we are going to analyze them step by step, in order to create the clearest possible understanding. By doing this, we practice how to use them.

Entrepreneurship is the new way of implementing new ideas. It is a trainable competence, and as all of the competences it needs a lot of practice, and you need to do actions in order to develop it. Through this practice, you have the chance to experience active participation, how you can be the creator of your own work and make it sustainable.

We believe that during this training courses by improving competences such as civic and business initiative, entrepreneurship, active participation you will become more aware of your community, and by doing it, you could create positive change and a fruitful life.


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