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Training Course

19-24 October 2016 | Beaufort, Luxembourg

A Training Course on recognising learning through non-formal learning activities, for youth workers and youth leaders working with young people.

It is important for young people to feel inspired to learn, to recognise and develop their talents, skills and attitudes towards themselves and towards society. Knowledge about who they are as a person and identifying their learning needs will help young people feel connected more to themselves and society and will increase their employability. Non formal learning activities are particularly suitable for development of competences and raising awareness of qualities. To increase the impact of these activities it is important to focus on recognising and recognition of the learning that took place.

Youth workers and youth leaders play an important role in facilitating the process of recognising learning of the young people by for example:

• Encouraging young people to take part in non-formal activities such as Youth Exchanges and EVS.
• Supporting young people to reflect on and becoming aware of their learning and learning needs. 
• Improving and encouraging the communication of the young people of their competences, qualities and learning to the outside world.

Training Course Aim and Objectives
This training course aims at supporting youth workers and youth leaders to boost and expand their capacity in supporting young people to recognise their learning within Erasmus+ mobility projects and by this improving their inclusion into society and employability.

The objectives are:
- To explore learning processes and to identify what is needed for recognising learning. 
- To reflect on one's own role as a youth worker and the role of the youth organisation to support young people in recognising competences and qualities for employability.
- To discover the value of non-formal learning in developing competences using the Erasmus+ Programme’s mobility tools, such as Youth Exchange and EVS. 
- To share inspirational tools and methods.

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