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Seminar / Conference

28-30 September 2016 | Tirana, Albania

Cross Sectoral Conference to foster synergies between labor market, Education Institutions, Youth Sector for a sustainable solution for the NEET Challenge.

The conference with be held on 28-30 of September 2016, projected as an informative, collaborating and innovative activity as well as a really productive and fruitful program on the compilation and presentation of alternative solutions related to the main problems of NEETs.

This conference, during two and half days, will bring together professionals from different backgrounds of three key stakeholders: Education Sector-Labour Market-Youth Sector.


1. To present the actual outputs and results of the project


2. To bring together representative of different sectors in a productive discussion for creating sustainable solutions for Youth Not in Employment Education or Training

3. To foster future collaborations among the different actors for future projects in the field of inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities

Participation profile:
-120 participants from different sectors and countries will work during two days on finding contemporary, innovative solutions, under the supervision of professional trainers. The conference contains speeches
from the expert panel, workshops of different themes, group discussions, debates, presentations and Networking time.

The main target groups of the conference are: professionals of the education sector, labor market representatives,
youth sector and policy makers.

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