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Antidiscrimination education across Erasmus+ Youth projects PDF Print E-mail

Training Course

24-29 October 2016 | Konstancin-Jeziorna (near Warsaw), Poland

The main aim of the TC is to deal with discrimination happening among young people at Erasmus+ Youth projects, during their free time and at school. (24.10 - arrival day, 29.10 - departure day. 25-28.10 are full working days)

We plan to describe and discuss types of discrimination youth workers and young people can face how to deal with those and what tools to use if it appears during youth projects.

The idea of this TC is to experience and learn what discrimination is, how it appears in the context of youth work. The TC would also focus on trying to find out ways of responding to discrimination, sharing experiences and good practices among youth workers. The added value of the TC would also be sharing how the situation looks like in other countries, what kind of activities are being introduced into the education system and youth work, to fight discrimination and hate speech.

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