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The announcement of non-governmental organizations in Armenia about the events in Sari tagh and Khorenatsi street on July 29, 2016 PDF Print E-mail

We, civil society organizations, are deeply concerned about the violence used by Armenian police against peaceful demonstrators yesterday on 29 July in Sari tagh and Khorenatsi street.

We condemn the inadequate actions against peaceful demonstrators and journalists, during which many citizens, including minors received various types and degrees of severity.

We are confident that making similar actions our country has taken a step back in the democratic processes that are already on weak foundations.

We demand that the government and relevant authorities immediately will bring the perpetrators to justice.



We, civil society organizations, express our determination to stand next to the citizen of Armenian and protect the citizen's freedoms and manifestations of his free will.

Centre for Community Mobilization and Support NGO

“Compass” research, training and consultancy center NGO

''Student Council of Gyumri'' NGO

Youth Foundation of Shirak

''Peace Dialogue'' NGO

''Progress'' Youth NGO

''Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan'' NGO

''Lori development center” NGO

''Young Tavush'' Youth NGO

''International Center for Human Development'' NGO

''Akhuryan'' Youth NGO

Journalists' Club ''Asparez''

''Lori Union'' NGO

''Environmental Social Union'' NGO

''Ecological Academy'' NGO

''Vahagni 21'' Civil Initiatives Center NGO

''Youth and Community Action Club'' NGO

''LogoS'' NGO

''Spitak Helsinki Group'' NGO

''Shirak Centre'' NGO

''We'' Lori Region Youth NGO

''Arev'' Youth NGO

''Syunik Women's Resource Center'' NGO

''Progress of Gyumri'' NGO

''ArmActive - Youth Center'' NGO

''ART'' Youth, Environmental and Advisory NGO

"EKHO" Disability Rights NGO

''Reform and Development'' NGO

''Sacred Land'' NGO

''Public Defenders' Union'' NGO

''Native Hearth'' NGO

''Stepanavan Youth Center'' NGO

''Against lawlessness'' NGO

''World of light Youth Center'' NGO

''New Horizons'' NGO

The announcement is open for any NGO which wants to join