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Training Course

20-23 October 2016 | POLAND, Mazovia District, Ośrodek Charytatywno-Szkoleniowy Caritas, Popowo-Letnisko, al. Centralna 6. , Poland

The main goal of training is to prepare participants for the planning, construction, organization and conduct of activities and exercises on the LRC and outdoor games in a context of experiential education, outdoor education and youth work.

We designed this TC especially for youth workers who want to develop their competences to work with young people in context of outdoor/experiential education.

You can use this method in order to transfer knowledge, skills, building relationships, among each other through active learning and experiencing nature. In addition by planning activities so as to constitute an adventure for the group and each participant we have a chance to strengthen their self-esteem and to stimulate creativity and creative action. We help participants learn to develop Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Communication Skills, Trust, Helpfulness, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership and Team Performance. The program is designed considering the latest and the best learning theories and in a context of non-formal and experiential education. It fosters the different learning styles. The program also helps in group bonding and creating an atmosphere of trust, since that is the base for teamwork. There will be also elements of Experiential Learning theories and games. We are going to be orientated for a youth work with LRC.

During the course you will pass theoretical and practical exams for ERCA certificate.

The course consists of two parts: a certified training by standards of the European Ropes Courses Association along with the theoretical and practical examination and the introduction to the theory and practice of experiential education in a context of non-formal education and youth work. Most activities during the course will be held outdoors with the active participation of participants.

Training will be conducted by trainers-pedagogist with extensive experience in using the LRC for education.

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