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ComICS: Creating InterCultural Stories PDF Print E-mail

Training Course

13-22 January 2017 | Latvia

International training course on comics' creating as a creative learning tool to express personal stories and to promote healthy intercultural dialouge.

Migration is a contradictory and sensitive topic nowadays, rising fears, intolerance and prejudices all around Europe. Every youth worker, youth leader and trainer working internationally is a value-builder. Sooner or later they face the migration topic, so supportive tools on how to speak about the migration, how to raise awareness and empathy among young people towards migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, and how to foster intercultural dialogue are very needed.

The objectives of the training course are:

*) to raise awareness and empathy about the current migration situation in Europe;
*) to gain practical skills of making comics and using comics as facilitation and learning tool in intercultural education;
*) to create comics that could be used as learning material on intercultural dialogue and to raise awareness of immigration issues in Europe.

As a result of the training, an e-book of the participants’ comics will be created and a travelling exhibition will be organized in the partner countries.

Available downloads: