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Training Course

11-18 December 2016 | Yerevan, Armenia

Explore essential business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Have unforgettable intercultural experience with participants from various countries. Visit Armenia and live exciting moments.

Unemployment has been identified as a big concern in Europe and beyond. Today’s world is marked by widespread focus on economic development, technological advancement and global integration. Yet, we still witness widespread unemployment, especially among young people who are left outside the prosperity loop and who find it more and more difficult to access ever-changing labor markets.

This problem has been aggravated given the current context concerning young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. The frustration and disempowerment of the disadvantaged youth in general and these young migrants and asylum seekers in particular can breed low self-esteem, low motivation, cynicism and radicalization.

The international training course "Entrepreneurship Lab" aims to train and equip youth workers and youth leaders working directly with young unemployed people and disadvantaged youth from refugees/asylum seekers and migrants with essential entrepreneurial and business tools, methods and skills to enable them to contribute to tackling of the problem of unemployment among youth through quality youth work that promotes self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.

Unforgettable intercultural experience!
The Training aims to provide an unforgettable and rich intercultural experience where people from different countries and culture bring their touch and insights creating a synergy of learning and new friendships.

Discover Armenia!
Participants will have opportunities to discover Yerevan and Armenia. Participants will be given self-structured free time to engage in activities of their choice. Optional excursions and trips will be organized making stay both as relaxing and fun as possible!