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Training Course

28 February - 5 March 2017 | Mollina, Málaga, Spain

How can we include "learning" during the whole project: preparation, application procedure, development and evaluation process? Is already “Learning” a key part of our projects? …for all the people involved in it?also for the team involved in the project?

iLOOP 2, is the second edition of a successful TC where Youth workers, Youth leaders and Project coordinators worked together towards following aims and objectives.


Including "learning" during the whole project: preparation, application procedure, development and evaluation process. Learning as a key part of our projects for all the people involved in it, from the target group until the team involved in the project.

Specific objectives:

a) Improving the quality of the Erasmus + projects including “learning” in the whole project cycle. 
b) Increasing the awareness of the youth workers and coordinators about their role as learning reflection processes supporters. 
c) Developing the competences of the participants creating learning environments inside the Erasmus + projects. 
d) Increasing the awareness about learning recognition during and after Erasmus + projects. Increasing the use of the Youthpass as a tool for the recognition 
e) Reflecting and sharing how the teams can reflect about their own learning during the project cycle.
f) Increasing the quality of the application processes and of the Erasmus + applications.

We will try to create a space to learn and share about analysing our previous project experiences and then create a learning environment in which we can practice and test the best way to include learning in every part of the project cycle. We will analysed the personal learning process during the training course and try to create methods to implement in the teams that the participants work in their countries. We will work in the “Erasmus +: Youth in Action” application forms, and then see if learning should be a basic part on them.

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