Montioring in Ayrum

On 15th of August CCMS staff visited Ayrum to carry out monitoring of implementation of development plan for 2014, which includes: health care, local self-government development, pre-school and school education.

Monitoring meeting was held with the director of kindergarten, director of cultural center and Ayrum`s community members.


First meeting was held in December 2013, with implementation of “Citizen Voice and Action” methodology. Community members created then a community improvement plan, which included possible ways for solving problems. Service providers presented the outcomes to kindergarten stuff and discussed the possibility to build its public playground.

Monitoring in Ayrum was carried every month since March 2014 to July 30. During this period, the plan covered 14 raised up issues – 3 in school education, 1 in health care, 4 in pre-school education and 6 in local self-government development.