15 August 2014 – annual monitoring in Akhtala

Akhtala community monitored by our organization, with the help of Self-Local Government is implementing an annual development plan including health, preschool and school education.

CCMS director Oleg Dulgaryan on 15 of August visited Akhtala`s kindergarten, cultural centre and Schools:  No. 1 and 2, to discuss the progress in implementation of development plan.

Idea itself was established last December, when community members created improvement plan using tools of “Citizen Voice and Action” methodology. This included possible ways of solving the problems in kindergarten (used, old toys which have to replaced).

CCMS promised to assist in collecting new toys, also as a result of meeting, it was decided to build new kindergarten`s playground.

Monthly monitoring has been held in Akhtala since March 2014 till 30 of July 2014. During this period numbers of problems included in the plan were solved – in health care,  pre-school and school education.

Monitoring services are provided to residents of community by CCMS with the financial support of “World Vision”.