Solving monitoring problems in Chochkan

On 15th of August our organization visited Chochkan community to conduct regular monitoring. This visit was a part of annual quality improvement plan in health care, local government services,  pre-school and school education.

Meetings were held with community members, staff of kindergarten and medical center.

In December 2013 community members created improvement plan using tools of “Citizen Voice and Action” methodology. In last months, management of Chochkan`s medical center and mother`s school reached the agreement on the schedule and topics of mother`s school. Even though the school had started to operate, there were no set up plan and timetable before.

These days general practitioner of Chochkan medical center approved the schedule and chose topics of the classes.

Monthly monitoring has been held in Aghtala since March 2014 till 30 of July 2014. During this period 5 problems raised up by community members were solved – 2 in school education, 1 in pre-school education and 2 in local government services.

Monitoring services are provided to residents of community by CCMS with the financial support of “World Vision”.