Women Against Breast Cancer

On February 18, 2016 in the office of CCMS (Center for Community Mobilization and Support) Women’s Resource Center Armenia NGO conducted “Women Against Cancer” training within the framework of “Women's issues in marzes” project. The project’s goal is is to promote the empowerment of women and girls and raise awareness about women's rights issues in the marzes, create a platform for cooperation between men and women. This program consists of 5 small programs, “Women Against Cancer” training is a part of them. The goal of this training is to raise awareness among vulnerable young women and girls about causes and prevention measures of cancer breast.



They chose Alaverdi for conducting this training because of its air basin pollution which contributes to cause a cancer. The rates of canser are fairly high in our region. The trainer presented today’s breast cancer’s dynamics, the mortality rate in Armenia and in other countries, if it is curable or not, how to check a breast by yourself. In the video they show symptoms and expression forms of breast cancer, how to do a home inspection, etc. They distribute informational booklets about the breast cancer to participants. After the training the participants were all examined, there is no malignant neoplasm, but most of the participants has breast changes and neoplasm, so these women need to be examinated more deeply and seriously. Within the framework of this project they will be invited to Vanadzor to be examinated for free.

The course and the examination carried out by the head of Oncology Department of medical center of Vanadzor, the main oncologist of marz Lori Narine Kalashyan.