Easter Day events at schools and preschool institutions

On March 20-31, 2016, ”Centre for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO (CCMS) organized Easter Day events at 9 schools and 9 preschool institutions in Alaverdi region.

Easter Day events are still ahead in some of  the schools and preschool institutions.

The events will be held on April 1-15 at Haghpat secondary school and preschool institution, at Alaverdi number 1 preschool institutions, at Ayrum preschool institutions, at number 1 and 2 schools of Alaverdi, and also at the preschool institutions.

The aim is to develop children's understanding of the Easter holiday, as well as develop and strengthen artistic skills and abilities, all that engaging young people and their parents, as a result, providing fun.

The event was attended by 467 children of 3-6 years, 275 of 6-14 years and 151 participants elder ages. The events are held in the "World Vision" IBC Alaverdi ADP financial support.