Come Together

Training Course

10-17 July 2016 | Erevan, Armenia

This Conflict management training aims to develop networking between organizations and to create a toolkit for conflict management approaches in youth work, using Non formal education methods as key elements.


The project objectives are:

To become more familiar with various existing tools that can be used in communication for sustainability and conflict management
To develop skills in using the existing communication tools and develop creativity to come up with new ones
For improving our communication skills using the newly acquired tools both during and after the training course

To develop our pro-active and participative learning based on a needs-based approach
To develop our awareness and understanding of the European prior issues
To enhance our empathy in relation to the people we are surrounded by
To create a platform for raising the awareness about the European values
Target group:


32 Workers in the field of youth and heads of institutions ( Decision makers and power from organization to join Projects and offer projects) . Participants will need to be linked with the partners organization, interested to submit a European projects under the Erasmus + (KA1, KA2, KA3) program and be multipliers or promoters of projects.

Participants must have a English language knowledge, an info pack will be send to the participants with final info.


Planned activities:

PRESENTATION OF ASSOCIATIONS: where participants can learn more about the organization, its objectives, activities, previous experience and best practices in SEE, MEDA, EECA and Europe and on the issues of the project and those things can be common for future project.
VISITS: visit to the ministry of Foreign Affairs 
ERASMUS+ and YOUTH PASS: where participants will have an overview of the program and more specific KA1, KA2, KA3, new objectives for the year, also learn about the Youthpass and use in different actions.
TOOLKIT DEVELOPMENT: We will bring together the communication tools for conflict management that the participants will provide in advance, before arrival to the TC.
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: We will brainstorm, then create groups based actions and interests, all related to the different issues that we work, idea, develop objectives, target group, activities, program, results, obstacles, we see the form, time and space for questions and answers, work plan and distribution of tasks within the group, they will see different tools to assess projects, mobility tool and finally present the different projects to the group.

The methodology is based on fundamental principles of non-formal education. The methods provided and diversity, will allow participants to participate fully in the learning process, learning from experience and facilitating interaction and full participation in the group.

The expected results are: a toolkit of conflict management for the youth workers, designed and developed 6 projects.

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