"Place aux Jeunes! Des Echanges de Jeunes par les jeunes" ("Make Room for Young People")

Training Course

2-7 August 2016 | Viroinval, Belgium - FR

"Place aux Jeunes" (Make room for young people) is a TC aiming at developing competences necessary to implement a processus of building inclusive quality YE, targeted at Young People/Volunteers , who want to work autonomously with peers in this process.

The proposed « Place aux jeunes: des échanges de jeunes par les jeunes" ("Make room for Young people: youth exchanges by Young people") aims at training and supporting French speaking young people of different countries who are involved in some structures, associations or informal groups (especially those belonging to a network called "Francophones sans frontières" (French speaking people without borders") in order for them to acquire the necessary tools to take in charge the implementation of a youth exchange with the other young people of their structures or groups…

The objectives of this TC will then be :
- To provide an introduction to E=/YiA programme with a focus on Youth Exchanges and their capacity to promote inclusion and the active involvement of young people in their society and in the European construction;
- To offer an experience of collective and individual learning, adapted to the target public of this training, through a simulation of building a youth exchange;
- To develop the necessary competences in order to organize, without being a professional, a youth exchange based on practices and principles of non formal education;
- To raise awareness about the importance of recognition of learning during a youth exchange (Youthpass) ;
- To offer the opportunity to meet representatives of other youth groups and establish contacts in order to creates partnerships and eventually develop youth exchanges together.


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