TF ITALY, a Toolfair in Italian language - Rome 3rd-6th October 2016

Seminar / Conference

3-6 October 2016 | Rome, Italy

The ToolFair is an event created to facilitate the meeting of youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, working at national level with trainers of neighbouring European countries who are able to work in the Italian language.

The objectives of the Toolfair are:

1. to promote exchanges of approaches and educational tools used in the youth field;
2. To increase the quality of educational tools and practices in order to create a positive impact on the youth sector;
4. To give an opportunity to youth organizations to create networks;
5. To find bridges among sectors to work effectevely together on topics such as racism, citizenship, intercultural education, social inclusion youth participation, gender issues, learning mobilities, self-entrepreneurship.

6. To participate to the selection of the tools that will participate to the Tool International Fair that will be held in Malta 7 to 12 November
To participate to the event, that will be hosted in Rome by the Italian National Agency of the Erasmus+Programme Youth Sector, you need to present an educational tool and to fill the following form


There is an open call whose deadline is the 5th September 2016
The date of selection of participants will be the 9th September

If you need more info please do not hesitate to get in touch with:
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