Changemakers' Room 2017 • Goa, India

Training Course

14-18 April 2017 | Goa, INDIA

Changemakers’ Room is an immersive training forum to identify the most pressing problems, find innovative, sustainable solutions and develop international mobility projects in response to those issues.

Scheduled on 14rd - 18th April 2017 in Goa, India, the Changemakers' Room is an intense Training Forum for an exclusive group of some the most aspiring and promising social change leaders, youth workers, educators, EU project managers of today. In partnership with stakeholders, well-known organisations and political visionaries from India and abroad, the changemakers will work to identify and shortlist the world's most pressing problems, create and propose sustainable solutions and develop international mobility projects.

The Action Agenda for Change 2020 (AAC2020) is a set of numerous objectives, issues and proposed solutions, will serve as a base for changemakers and Strategic Field Partners to eradicate and prevent the identified issues within local communities worldwide until 2020. The areas of focus are: Inequality, Climate Action & Education.

Changemakers' Room is one of the core initiatives of establishing an Indian - European social change ecosystem fostering collaborative community development, exchange of best practices and international product/service creation.

The programme makes extensive use of non-formal education efforts to utilize potential of human talent and social capital, while conforming to the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning practices. The programme is a perfect mixture of immersive field trips, innovative learning methodologies, simulation games and team building exercises.

Workshops: ​Led by subject matter experts, these workshops are run in a simulated environment, with experienced facilitators assisting participants through the process of human centered design thinking, reflective practices, engineering solutions, social business canvas and the art of storytelling for social campaigns.

Field Visits: Through immersion studies, participants will engage in on­ground explorations of problems, gain contextual intelligence and make extensive use of techniques and tool kits developed during the workshops.

Project Writing: During the Training changemakers are extensively trained on logical framework analysis and work on developing specific project proposals tackling the problems identified within their local communities.

Panel Sessions: Sessions with well-­known industry professionals and grassroots practitioners from across the globe are aimed at providing participants with a global development perspective and exchange of best practices that help them gain exposure to building inclusive solutions.

Evening with Legends​: Sessions bring forth some of the most influential entrepreneurs and changemakers in India. From Anshu Gupta working on bringing the right to clothes on the development agenda to Sunitha Krishnan working towards ending human trafficking, the impact of their accomplishments is enormous. Leading social entrepreneurs and philanthropists share their entrepreneurial journey and learnings.


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