Let's coordinate! - Training course for EVS organisations

Training Course

9-14 May 2017 | Petrčani, Croatia

This training course is designed for EVS organizations that have intermediate to advanced level of experience with coordinating activities.

The EVS organizations will have a chance to share their previous experience all the while learning additional skills and competences that will empower them and bring more quality to their future EVS projects.

Aim: To develop capacities of accredited EVS organisations and enhance the quality of coordination of EVS projects


• To ensure a thorough understanding of the project cycle in EVS
• To explore the role of coordination organisation in EVS projects and possibilities for new forms of partnerships 
• To gain competences for strategic planning in EVS 
• to provide space for sharing experiences and good practice examples 
• to provide space for networking between participating organisations and planning of further cooperation

Learning outcomes: 
On completion of this course you will be able to:
• enhance strategic approach to preparation, implementation and evaluation of your EVS;
• define and explain the steps and activities in EVS project cycle; 
• critically reflect on your tailor made EVS project;
• conceptualize the deeper meaning of EVS (its benefit to local community, volunteers and organizations);
• map minimum quality standards in EVS projects, based on different context (regions, project type, profile of volunteer, etc.);
• to enhance the quality of EVS projects, especially with attention to selection of partners and selection of volunteers;
• understand the support mechanisms for EVS volunteers;
• map the support mechanisms their organization is providing to the volunteers and identify weak spots in the support structure;
• use different tools and methods to help volunteers translate their experience to employers; 
• define and explain the roles of Coordinating organization in EVS project;
• understand the challenges Coordinating organisations are faced with;
• critically analyze own potential to become Coordinating organisation in our local community; 
• identify potential partners for future EVS projects;
• apply Youthpass process within youth activities.

Target group: 
EVS project managers and EVS project coordinators from accredited S/H/CO organisations

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