An Experiential Approach to Wilderness Therapy to work with youth at risk

Training Course

20-25 May 2017 | Spain

Asociación Experientia offers the 2º edition of their International Training: An Experiential Approach to Wilderness Therapy. Come to learn, feel and live the wilderness in Spain. Learn about key elements of Wilderness Therapy in an experiential way.

Wilderness Therapy is a methodology within the Experiential Therapies and therefore we promote experiential learning.

Wilderness Therapy is an ideal approach to work with youth like troubled teens with psychosocial or educational problems that struggle at school,
home, relationships.

We believe that by living this experience on first hand, as professionals, we will be able to provide a better experience to our youth participants in the future.

Through a backpacking expedition in the fields of Valencia, Spain, sharing and creating new experiences in a small group, while learning and experiencing the therapeutic effects of the wilderness.

Come to develop yourself as a person and as a professional to better understand how can we use the healing power of nature for our work and interventions with youth.

To provide a Wilderness Therapy experience that is commonly used in other countries such as USA to work with youth at risk
To learn theoretical and practical grounds of Wilderness Therapy special for youth workers.
To promote good practices when implementing Wilderness Therapy programs adapted programs adapted to the youth and context in which we work

Therapeutic tools in Wilderness Therapy
Key components of Wilderness Therapy
Theoretical foundations of Wilderness Therapy
Soft skills and hard skills
“Leave no Trace”
Role of a mentor / facilitator working
with youth at risk.
Security and safety protocols
Basic survival skills

Training process

First part: Experience. Backpacking expedition includes:
2-3 days of hiking
Camp in bivouac
Solo experience and introspection time
Cooking you own meals
Group gatherings / “Fire circles”

Second part: Process. The focus will be on the personal experience and reflecting about what happened during the first 4 days

Third part: Transfer. Through a meta-analysis we will evaluate, process and analyze how each participant can adapt this experience to the population young that we work with.

About Organization:
Experientia is non-profit organization of mental health and social intervention professionals.
Experientia is pioneer in introducing Adventure and Wilderness Therapy in Spain as a biopsychosocial intervention methodology. Experientia designs and develops therapeutic and personal development programs using this experiential approach.

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