Dive into youself!

Training Course

1-8 July 2017 | Gospić, Croatia

A training course focusing on personal development using non formal learning methods in the outdoors. The course is designed for youth workers, youth leaders and other interested individuals such as teachers, educators or project managers.

Dive into yourself! Join us for one of our three 8-day training courses, taking place in Croatia in July and August 2017. Learn about leadership, communication, team-work, effective learning, decision making and problem solving in exciting and challenging environments, from the Velebit mountains to the Adriatic sea.
Learn about yourself and the world around you as we take you on an experiential learning adventure in the natural environment. Dive into your own personal values and explore your strengths and areas for growth through exciting and challenging activities in nature.

Learn about the Outward Bound non-formal learning method and different tools used in youth work and working with groups in outdoors. Outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping outdoors and scuba diving are the tools we use to achieve the outcomes of these trainings. 
Through hands-on participation, structured reflection, and modeling through practice, participants will develop a deep understanding of outdoor Experiential Learning methodology. Participants will also improve their skills and confidence in utilizing this Experiential method in their future youthwork.
Detailed information about the training course can be found in the info letter.


This year we will run three separate "Dive into yourself" training courses, these will take place on the following dates in 2017:
• 01-08 July 2017
• 15-22 July 2017
• 05-12 August 2017
Participants can choose the one that suits them the best.

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