Partnership-building Activity

23-27 September 2017 | Paris, France

Partnership Building Activity for Youth workers on involvement for access of young people with physical or mental disabilities in Erasmus Plus Youth in Action Programme.

This seminar intends to help youth workers from NGO’s working with young people with physical or mental disabilities:
• to discover opportunities provided by Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme
• to explore how the Youth Exchange and EVS projects could be as an educational tool in inclusion youth work
• to provide opportunities to find partners for the future projects

For many organizations who work with these young people it seems overwhelming to organize a European project. They have to face many problems such as finding partners, overcome the problems of communication, limited mobility…

This seminar aims at helping youth workers to organize projects taking into consideration the barriers they can face.

A focus will be done on youth exchanges as a possible tool. It is expected that participants would develop international partnerships and start building Youth Exchange projects with young people with disabilities or mixed ability groups.