Re-engaging People with Educational Barriers in Non-Formal and Formal Learning

Seminar / Conference

19-22 June 2017 | Leeds, United Kingdom

A four-day cross-sectoral seminar to share and develop best practices, methods and approaches, that re-engage excluded groups towards tackling educational barriers, with a view to ultimately widen participation in formal and non-formal learning.

The seminar will include elements of contact making, study-visit and training, and will consider the subject of people re-engaging with formal and non-formal education and the methodologies which can be used to support their development. Participants will be invited to share ideas and network with a view to learn from each other, build cross-sectoral partnerships, and begin the development of Erasmus+ projects.

This project follows on and incorporates recommendations from the successful 2016 project of the same name that was hosted by the UK National Agency for Erasmus+.

Project Objectives

- To stimulate TCA cross-sectoral cooperation between Youth, Vocational Education, Higher Education and Schools;

- To provide learning and development opportunities to beneficiaries and provide space for sharing of good practices, particularly looking at each sector’s unique approach;

- To explore case studies and undertake field visits addressing Educational Barriers to consider transferability

- To explore how such projects can be realised through a European dimension, particularly through Erasmus+

Through active attendance participants will:

- Increase their awareness of how different sectors re-engage people with educational barriers

- Be enriched by good practices from different sectors and countries

- Take back practical tools, methodologies and approaches that can be transferred between different sectors

- Increase their knowledge of Erasmus+ and how it can be applied in engaging and supporting young people with educational barriers

- Know how to better address Erasmus+ programme priorities at application stage

- Be provided with the opportunity to network with cross-sectoral organisations to create new partnerships