PBA "Make the Move IV"

Partnership-building Activity

12-17 September 2017 | Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal

A contact making seminar co-organized by NA BEFR and PT, and co-funded by other NA’s in order to promote partnerships and develop quality Youth Exchanges, with a strong focus on Inclusion. Programme countries + EECA and SEE. 40 participants.

Over the past years, many youth exchange projects have been developed and run between organisations from different countries. An exciting and challenging intercultural encounter! In order to strengthen the partnerships and especially the quality of these projects, this partnership building activity aims to provide the needed support and training elements for the participants who intend to organise such a youth exchange in the near future. Besides creating the opportunity for participants to create strong partnerships, we also wish to offer a real intercultural experience, as an inspirational example for future youth exchange implementations.

This “MAKE THE MOVE IV” will therefore take place for the 4th time in a rural village in the very centre of Portugal, ‘Vila da Marmeleira’, which has around 300 habitants. The projects implemented in this community, offer a win-win situation for all involved - local development and change for local people through their involvement in the activities and a deep intercultural experience for the participants. Besides the pedagogical outcomes of the international activities (e.g. training course, seminar, workcamp), the different projects leave their mark on the community. A local impact and international footprint are left behind.


This village seems to us an ideal setting to organize this PBA “MAKE THE MOVE IV”, focusing on the following aspects:
 - Young people as actors in the different steps of a youth exchange, supported and coached by youth workers.
 - The local community as the integral supporting structure of a youth exchange .
 - The impact and permanent mark on a local community as a result of a youth exchange.
The above features will not only be discussed and analysed, but will also be based upon real practical experience during the Partnership Building Activity.

 - To create an opportunity to find good and reliable partners to make youth exchanges with
 - To understand what is needed to plan a youth exchange of good quality
 - To create a solid network of contacts and partnerships
 - To equip the youth workers with insight in their role as coach and support
 - To experience the possibilities of local involvement
 - To understand the impact and social change a youth exchange can have within the local community

The partner building activity is open for voluntary and professional youth workers, working directly with young people, and plan to organise a youth exchange within the frame of the Erasmus+ - Youth in Action Programme. Max 40 participants from Geographical Europe (Programme countries + Western Balkans and Eastern Europe and Caucasus).

Priority will be given to participants from organisations or groups working on social inclusion of young people.

Participants should be at least 18 years old.
Be aware that this Partner Building Activity will be in English. The team can give extra language support in French, Portuguese, and Dutch when necessary.
Participants are expected to be part of the full duration of the Partnership Building Activity. All board and lodging is foreseen from Tuesday 12th of September dinner time, till after breakfast on Sunday 17th of September 2016.

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