2011 (May-September)


CCMS has conducted monitoring of children`s rights protection in schools. Outcomes were presented in the report to the public institutions, local and international organizations.

2011 – 2012

CCMS with support of Counterpart International and Social Accountability formed in Lori region, conducted a training program. During this period community residents and local government employees were trained in participatory planning and budgeting – for final creation of budgets and  four-year community development plans.


In cooperation with stakeholders, CCMS implemented “Child Protection Program” and formed Institute for Social Workers from 10 communities. Social workers employed in CCMS support children, women and families by regular home visits.

January 2011

CCMS was granted by international charity organization World Vison.

From December 10 2011, 13 communities have raised various problems (344) till September 1 2012, 83 (24,12%) of those issues had been solved or solutions for them had been developed.